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Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

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Stay Completely in Control with a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an innovative type of dispute resolution in which you negotiate an out-of-court settlement. When a divorce goes to court, a judge decides your fate and the fate of your children. In a collaborative divorce, you stay in control of the entire process.

The final settlement results from the agreements and decisions you make regarding such issues as:

Traditional Divorce vs. Collaborative Divorce

Traditional divorce is based on the concept of war, wherein there is a winner and a loser. The lawyers who advocate for you will support your needs and interests (which may be different from those of your children). Traditional litigation often causes spouses to become adversarial, thereby increasing the time and expense. In the end, since the judge makes the final decision, usually both spouses are unhappy with the results. On the other hand, collaborative divorce is based on cooperation and compromise.

Since this is a legal, emotional, and financial process, collaborative divorce uses the following:

  • Lawyers;
  • Mental Health Divorce Coaches; and
  • Financial Specialists.

Beyond this, as divorce impacts the lives of children, collaborative practice also utilizes child specialists. All of these individuals work as a team to make sure the agreements you make are customized to your particular interests, needs and wishes and are in the best interests of all concerned—especially the children.

Developing a Co-Parenting Plan

Collaborative practice also helps you develop a co-parenting plan and allows you to effectively communicate with your ex-spouse both during and after the divorce. Collaborative practice can help to transform one dysfunctional home into two well-functioning co-parenting homes that are emotionally stable and financially secure. Another benefit of collaborative practice is that should circumstances change after the divorce, the team is available to help you come to new resolutions in an amiable manner. Collaborative divorce is an excellent solution for anyone who wishes to maintain a respectful relationship while achieving a peaceful, private divorce. It is especially well-suited for parents who want to emphasize their children's emotional well-being.

By preserving respect and encouraging cooperation, collaborative practice
helps parents and children keep family bonds while embracing new lives.

Virginia Collaborative Divorce: Finding a Better Solution

The bottom line is that in a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse are working together rather than fighting against one another. It is not necessary for you to agree on the outcome of your divorce, but you must share a sincere intention to carry out your divorce in a respectful and amicable manner. If this sounds like the approach you want to take, please contact Collaborative Practice Center of Coastal Virginia. We have a wide range of experience in assisting people who have faced problems similar to yours, and we are ready to help you now. We can explore all your options in the situation, including legal separation and the effects of divorce on probate, trust, and estate planning.

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